Client: VICIS Inc
Task: Build a central data store for VICIS



VICIS is designing new football helmet technology that is showing an unprecedented reduction in the forces likely to cause a concussion. VICIS has developed a new football helmet called the ZERO1, which ranked #1 in 2017 NFL/NFLPA Helmet Performance Testing. The ZERO1 launched this season to NFL, NCAA, and select high school programs. We are using our expertise in medicine and engineering to protect young athletes.


VICIS had incredible capability in the design and manufacture of their helmets yet their post sale data systems had not been developed. The company needed a new system to store athlete profiles so they can store data about the fit and performance of the athletes and their gear. There was no off-the-shelf system capable of both storing the data and giving the VICIS UX designers the flexibility they needed.


VICIS reached out to Acutulus to design and build the data system to support their employee, team and consumer portals.


Acutulus mapped out all the data needs for  VICIS current and future plans and delivered an operational system within 3 months.