Client: Hippo Insurance Services
Task: Engineer the front end of a modern, industry disrupting-startup


Hippo needed to prove it's concept to provide home insurance through an online-only interface. To this end, Acutulus was asked to bring fresh and modern web development techniques to the fledgling startup.


Hippo took a fresh approach to the home insurance market, which has seen little innovation in over half a century. The front end needed to reflect modern lifestyles in order to disrupt the ageing insurance market.


Keep the demands of the modern consumer in mind and ensure that MyHippo.com would be fast and reliable. Atop all of this, aesthetic design could not be be compromised.


With the initial front end in place to show off the hard work of the entire Hippo team, they achieved a huge success in Series A funding, and continues to grow in users. Acutulus still works with Hippo developing the site and integrating the newest technologies into their stack.