Client: Deckchair
Task: Design and build Deckchair's mobile experience


Deckchair provides hotel guest with a glimpse into their ideal destination views. Partnered with hotels groups such as Westin, Four Points, Le Meridien, and St. Regis, Deckchair captures a 24hr view of some of the most iconic landscapes in the world and allows customers to book their ideal view.


Deckchair’s beautiful website and integrated partner widgets allowed potential customers to book rooms easily. However, with the growing trend of mobile booking it because clear that a beutiful mobile app was needed to capture customers on the go and compliment the web platform. The app needed to be elegant, showcase still images and video content, and be produced quickly.


Deckchair enlisted the help of Acutulus to develop an initial version of the application in time for major client meetings, just one week later.


Acutulus developed a working version of the application in time for customer meeting on both iOS and android platforms.