tapcast.io desktop


Client: OSIX Inc
Task: Increase Client's Reliability


Tapcast.io is an advertisement platform that lets firms create synchronized video/web experiences across iOS, Android, and desktop platforms. Tapcast engaged Acutulus to supplement their in-house engineering team on key projects.


As a fast-paced startup Tapcast found itself with a growing need for specialist engineering talent to expand their video embedding technology to a broad range of devices as well as migrate to a new video provider. However, hiring an in-house team for this task was not possible, and pulling the focus of its in-house team for this project would derail product growth.


Tapcast enlisted the help of Acutulus to work alongside thier in-house team to manage the expantion of the Tapcast platform. The Acutulus engineers became an integrated part of the Tapcast team, functioning within the Tapcast company as full-time engineers for the extent of the project.


The Tapcast video provider migration was a success. In addition to the migration, Acutulus expanded the Tapcast.io compatibility to iOS and adroid systems and continues to serve Tapcast as mobile experts as needed. This ongoing partnership has allowed Tapcast to focus on product development and company growth while having a dedicated team to ensure the platform was running optimally.