Client: Katalyst Fitness
Task: Create a fitness booking system with uber-pool style booking


Katalyst is making the world's most efficient workout, Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, available to everybody. Katalyst Fitness is a state of the art fitness company based in Seattle. Katalyst builds a custom electronic muscle stimulation system and deploys it at a network of studios. Client’s can get the full body workout of their lives in less than 20 minutes.


Katalyst needed a booking system that allowed clients to book an instructor at any time throughout the instructors shift, and then allow other clients to join that booking. After extensive research Katalyst concluded there was no off-the-shelf booking system capable of doing this. In addition, Katalyst needed a booking system their custom hardware could query so instructors can loads clients profiles into their software.


Katalyst contracted Acutulus to build out the system with payment processing included. Katalyst needed the system up and running and accepting payments in order to secure their Series A funding of $9M


Acutulus built and delivered the system in partnership with UX designers from Katalyst and the launch was completely successful.